First Aid Bag

First Aid Kits for travels, Sport Centres, Gym, Excursions, etc

Product Description

First Aid Bag

Accident? God forbid! Indeed God forbid, but it still happens virtually every day around us either by some careless attitude, negligence or otherwise of people around us. How prepared are you for its occurrence?

Any of these First Aid Bags with necessary First Aid items could be of tremendous help to you in case of accident, disaster or emergency before the arrival of the medical personnel.

Applications: Travel, Tour, Sports, Gym, car, home, office, pet, etc.

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Some of the unique contents:

CPR Mask

Eye Pad

Instant Cold Pack

Compress Bandage

Adhesive Plaster Tape

Sterile Wound Dressing

Sterile Eye Pad

Gauze Conforming Elastic Bandage

Triangular Bandage

Emergency Blanket

Garbage Plastic Bag

Finger Dressings



Safety Pins

Splint (In some)

Antiseptic wipes

Soap Wipes

First Aid Manual

Antiseptic Ointment, etc.

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Do you also know what to do at EMERGENCY? Hnmmm….. Oh! You don’t know, then you need to be trained. So we expect you to join one of our classes to acquire comprehensive knowledge of what it takes to save lives.

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